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Why the backpack, is back!

The backpack was big in the 90's, we all had one and we all loved them! So, what happened? Where did they go for so long? That 's a question we probably won't ever know the answer to, but the good news is they're back!

Perfect for people on the go, the backpack gives you the freedom to use both hands and being able to carry the bag in the middle of your back means no more pain or lop sided shoulders.

Mums, fashionistas, travelers everyone's on it! Light and functional, it's easy to see why this little bag is back and in a big way. There are bigger styles that are great to travel with, making it easy to put all the essentials in a good looking leather bag that compliments your outfits. Or try a smaller style, that is perfect for phone, wallet and keys, the 3 essential things for day to day life.

Investing in a backpack will change your life for the better, whether to mix up your bag style, stop back and shoulder pain or to just simply look stylish while on the move! The backpack in one investment piece you won't regret!