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Leather Care


All of C O R E basics products are made of 100% leather which means that the grain and colour of every piece is unique and unrepeatable. 

You may choose to protect your leather with a cream or spray. Making sure the leather is clean of any dirt beforehand by gently wiping with a soft, damp cloth. For regular cleaning, a damp cloth and mild leather cream may be applied.

Should your handbag become wet, wipe gently, with a dry soft cloth.  Let water spills dry naturally. Extreme heat, like using a hairdryer or placing in front of a heater will only cause the leather to crinkle and change shape. With normal use, a C O R E basics leather handbag can become soft.

Please note a handbag can change appearance over time, please avoid moisture on any metal hardware, including the zips, embellishments & buckles.